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KOHLD was founded in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2013 and is named by the metals of Gold.

Gold is the highest metal and also recognized by the name King of Metals. It gives you a lot of options but it always fits and match with others. KOHLD wants to share our passion and give you the highest quality of fashion. Every shirt will be handmade and designed with love.

KOHLD has interest in studies from now and the past, that are related to human beings, music, movies, architecture and nature. With all those components, we are creating our designs and telling you a story. Our goal is to motivate and create movement in people’s life with our brand.

Details are an important component to us, because it’s not only the look that counts, but the details of the design that makes the difference. We want our clothes to be available for everyone.

KOHLD wants to tell you a story with their designs. Only you are the person who can find the answer and be the messenger.


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