Armin Dizdarevic at Elliott Hulse Grounding Camp 2016

Armin Dizdarevic

Armin Dizdarevic and Kohld

This Armin Dizdarevic joined a Grounding Camp by famous YouTube star Elliott Hulse. Armin known as ‘Armin DC Real’ has his own YouTube-channel, where he shares everything about living an Empowered Life.

Armin Dizdarevic enjoys wearing Kohld because of our same message. We embody greatness and inspire people to create their own legacy.

‘Armin DC Real’

Armin (24) lives in Rotterdam. He completed his BSc and MSc in Accounting one year ago. During his study he played basketball on one of the highest level in the Netherlands at the age of 19. After suffering multiple injuries and dealing with anxiety, he was forced to stop playing basketball. A burnout happened.

This was a crucial turning point in his life. The following years he began researching the human mind and body. A tremendous amount of books, courses, coaching and meditation have led to real transformation in his life. Passionate about how he managed to transform himself he decided to help others do the same. He now shows his audience how to tap into the power within and create a happy and successful life. Through his workshops and his YouTube videos he is committed to facilitate the growth of others.


“All of us are too often in our heads. Our mind is running our life and is the reason we are continuously feeling miserable, stuck or depressed. Science shows that 95% of what we do during our day is happening unconsciously. To ground yourself means to become present by connecting with your body. Being fully present means to feel alive, strong and empowered. Once you become present you start living from flow. That’s where the magic happens. Through physical exercises you can become grounded and release all stress and anxiety from your life. I love wearing Kohld because of their original and meaningful designs. Every shirt/collection has its own way of motivating you to be grounded and create a meaningful life. And that’s what wearing Kohld makes it so special, it’s different than others.


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